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Mission Statement

Wild Eye Ranch has the passion and the “eye” for seeing through the problem horse and turning potential into reality, helping the rider/owner achieve their goals by using the core values of patience, dedication, and true horsemanship. At Wild Eye Ranch we believe in working from the inside out to truly understand the horse from a mental standpoint as they head for competition. We use a team of professionals and a proven system of balanced nutrition, supplements, exercise programs, gear we believe in, and proper jockey horsemanship to help the rider and horse become a team in and out of the arena. We believe a horse should truly love their job, and in turn will deliver success stories in the arena. We do not mold to one set program of tuning or patterns, we tailor each horses nutrition, tuning, work outs, and competition prep differently according to their particular needs. We believe all human athletes are different as are all equine athletes. It is our job to find out what the best program is and work hand in hand with owners/jockeys to get the human athlete in sync with the equine athlete to create long lasting champion teams. It’s all about the journey!

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